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Catalyst for Children needs your help to reach our goal of improving the education, health and welfare of children, youth, and families.

Catalyst for Children works to promote sound behavior, policies, and programs that contribute to the well being of children by presenting balanced, accurate information about issues and describing possible solutions to the wide range of problems that affect children and youth.

Everyone cares about children, but they do not always have access to the best information about children.  The Internet has the potential to change that, but it is hard to navigate and difficult to sort good information from bad. Our articles and recommendations combine the views of experts and the insights of research to ensure that they are balanced, non-ideological, and fact-based.

We engage our audience by presenting the stories of children and youth who are facing problems in photographs, their own words, and the words of their parents, teachers, and friends.  In addition to original articles, Catalyst posts a description of useful articles from a variety of sources and provides “one-click” access through links on the Catalyst website.

The information posted on our website at includes articles exploring home schooling, teen sexuality, immigrant poverty, abused children, women’s health, gang violence, childhood obesity and other issues.

The president and principal writer for Catalyst is Brett Wilbur, M.A.  She has extensive experience as an investigative reporter, feature writer, editor, and professional photographer.  We also have a distinguished board of directors to help us. 

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